Splurge: definition, to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure.

Synonyms: celebrate, spread, be extravagant, indulge, go-all-out

Splurge Boutique LLC is a #Family boutique, established in 2016 in Detroit Michigan.

We Chose the name SPLURGE for our company to encourage our customers to normalize any form of what they feel is luxury, celebrate themselves and spread it with others!

At Splurge boutique we are focused on providing more than a look but an experience, we are #Family owned, and community driven. At Splurge Boutique, community is everything, and we look for ways to give back to the community any chance we can. Within our company we have a few brands we created one by the name of ARK - Acts of Random Kindness. ARK is not only a brand but a lifestyle, where we provide T-shirts and other forms of apparel that encourage our community to pay it forward, be confident, and stay connected to God! 

Splurge Boutique isn't just your basic boutique. When our customers shop with us, they leave with a lasting connection, looking luxurious, and feel like apart of the #Family, all without breaking the bank! 

Now that's a luxury experience.

Why shop, when you can SPLURGE!